Nebula and Lincoln are a bonded pair of boys, they are both super wonderful and love cuddles and snacks. Nebula is quieter of the 2 and likes lots of tunnels and hides, he loves a great snack but prefers to eat them after the humans have moved away from the cage. Lincoln is the dominant of the 2 and he is also an early riser. When he is happy or excited about something he runs about popcorning ...
Brownie is timid but she enjoys zooming about through tunnels made from anything, the more openings the better. Brownie seems to get along with the rest of the herd as well, she defers to the other ladies and has a relaxed approach when meeting new piggies.
Ginger is the caramel & white Abyssinian, she is the bolder of the 2 and definitely interested in being the most dominant in a herd as evident by her time with foster moms herd of four gals. Ginger has never been aggressive just assertive with other piggies and currently appears to get along well as part of the herd.
Jaime and John Snow, they don't like sharing the same space but they don't like being apart either. These 2 male guineapigs don't like to live in the same cage regardless of how much space there is but when they are separated they acted upset and began aggressively gnawing on the cage bars until their cages were put together. Now they have the run of their own side but can hang out whenever the...
Ned & Dean are young males, they are still a bit skittish. It will take patience and plenty of veggies to earn their trust but once you do these piggies are very lovable. The boys enjoy a larger cage with multiple hides and plenty of hay to play in as well as eat. ***all these floofy bums can come with a carry cage like they were in at the last adoption event for an extra fee***
Large black and large black cross piglets $50 males $75 females


Old very old
This cute, female guinea pig is only 11 months old. She is very cuddly and lovable. I am not giving her away because of her, I just do not have the time to give her the love and attention she needs and I feel she needs a better home. The cage is fairly large, 27" by 15" The food bowl is not plastic, it is the nicer kind. The guinea pig is very healthy, she was recently checked by a vet and has ...
This is 1 lovable lady. Gracie was found wondering the streets. If you are looking for a miniature pitbull this girl is for you. She is short and compact. Gracie gives amazing kisses and even snorts like a pig! Apply to adopt at www.pbroklahoma.com. Her adoption donation is $150.
Hi my name is JoseeI am a mature trusrthy teen year-old and animal lover. I own cats and leopard geckos. In the past I have taken care of dogs and small animals such as guinea pigs gerbils hamsters rabbits etc.I would have to take care of your pets at your house- my animals wouldn t be comfortable plus it would be easier with not having to bring all the supplies to my home. My rates are Small A...
We have 7 Kune Kune piglets available. Great for homesteading Pasture pigs great for pets or bacon6 whiteblack spots malesfemales available1 orangeblack spots maleAsking $125each discounts for 3 or more
Nice Herford gilt. Make a nice butcher hog or use her for breeding. Weighs approx. 350 pounds. Corn fed and ready for the freezer. Call Calvin at sow, boar, gilt, pig, hog,
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