Combo dry erase, chalkboard, easel with a rod to mount a roll of paper. Used in good condition overall. Comes with chalk, dry erase markers not sure if they all work or not dry erase eraser, and chalkboard mitten eraser. Pick up in NW Norman.
$25 cash, 19 x 25. Its in excellent condition. I wiped it down with a wet rag and had not dried in time for photo. Send for information. Without email is deleted. Ad will be removed when it leaves
Im selling my portrait lighting kit. Its portable, and has everything you need for well-lit portraiture. Ive used this gear in spreads for national publications. Its good quality mid-line gear, and all is in good condition. Everything works reliably. The kit includes2 Flashpoint DG-600 strobe 300 Watt Second ACDC Monolights2 Glow Speed Rings to fit Flashpoint Monolights1 LumoPro 36 Octabox1 Glo...