The San Antonio girls were rescued from a hoarding situation. Over 400 rats were being keep with not enough, food and water. We were on of the rescues that took them in and now they are ready for adoption. Do you have room in your heart to give them a good life? Colors vary, lots of blazes.
Liberty is a wonderful girl who was in a foster home with kids, other cats, and dogs, so she is used to it all! So cute! All Pets & People cats and kittens - $85.00. This includes vaccinations, worming, feleuk check, micro chip and spay/neuter. All...
" I'm a homebody who likes to cuddle and watch TELEVISION. Animal Planet is my favorite!" Roger Rabbit is a attractive and friendly 2-year-old, 43-pound white and gray pitbull terrier. He is a great playmate with other dogs. Roger enjoys car rides, walks, and ...
Kirby is a robo dwarf hamster and is looking for his forever home. Fill out an application today!
This little Robo dwarf is looking for home! Fill out an application today!
Link is shy and hard to take a picture of but he is a sweet boy and with a bit of love and treats will warm up and be your little friend! Fill out an application today!
Sable is looking for her forever home! She is super wonderful and is looking for her human!
This crested 4 mnth old male is Rocky, Rocky isn't nice with kids but is an absolute sweetheart with adults. He shares a cage wall with other male guineapigs with no signs of aggression. Rocky enjoys cucumbers the most but doesn't appear to be a picky eater and while loud noises send him scrambling for cover over all he's an inquisitive and friendly piggie. It seems like he'd do well with a cag...
Nebula and Lincoln are a bonded pair of boys, they are both extra adorable and love cuddles and snacks. Nebula is quieter of the 2 and likes lots of tunnels and hides, he loves a nice snack but prefers to eat them after the humans have moved away from the cage. Lincoln is the dominant of the 2 and he is also an early riser. When he is happy or excited about something he runs about popcorning an...
Meet Skiddles! He is a sweet, lovely and friendly male rabbit. We estimate him to be around a year old. He is a gorgeous black and white color. Foster mom says he would make a precious pet for a bunny loving family! He is neutered and his adoptio...
Jaime and John Snow, they don't like sharing the same space but they don't like being apart either. These 2 male guineapigs don't like to live in the same cage regardless of how much space there is but when they are separated they acted upset and began aggressively gnawing on the cage bars until their cages were put together. Now they have the run of their own side but can hang out whenever the...
Ned & Dean are young males, they are still a bit skittish. It will take patience and plenty of veggies to earn their trust but once you do these piggies are really adorable. The boys enjoy a larger cage with multiple hides and plenty of hay to play in as well as eat. ***all these floofy bums can come with a carry cage like they were in at the last adoption event for an extra fee***
Roxy is a good dog, I've had her for around 3yrs now and we spent alot of that time just us. So when introduced into a home with more pets she started feeling neglected because she didn't get enough 1 on one attention. She needs a loving home and she is really good with maybe one other dog but not cats. I found her on the street and she is completely caught up on shots and it breaks my heart to...
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